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Birman Cats for Sale: Taking Care of Your New Cat

If you’re looking for Birman cats for sale, these fascinating felines have an interesting history and plenty of unique characteristics. The origins of Birman cats go back many years to France when a pair was taken to the country in 1919. These gorgeous cats originally hail from the nation of Burma, which explains their unique name.


This beautiful cat features a silky, non-matting coat and beautiful bright blue eyes. If you are looking for Birman, be sure to ask your local cat breeder for more information.


These affectionate cats are a wonderful companion due to their sweet and docile nature. They get along well with other people as well as other pets, and they’re very curious but not overly noisy or loud. Most Birmans have very few health issues.

When it comes to diet, all cats prefer meat in their diets. Ask your local cat breeder about the best food to feed your new Birman cat. The nutrients cats need may change as they age and can also depend on their overall health.


Kittens will need more specific nutrients than older cats. Always make sure you’re feeding your Birman the right amount of food to prevent overeating. This will ensure they maintain a healthy weight throughout their life.


Birman cats have a soft, silky coat that’s easy to maintain. If possible, comb or brush your cat’s coat at least once a week. Start grooming your cat an early age so you can bond and so grooming is something they feel comfortable with. Remove any tangles and comb or brush regularly to minimize shedding. Don’t forget that every cat also requires regular vet visits, the right flea and tick control, and lots of love.

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