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About Us

Kyatwo Birmans is a boutique cattery registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and located in Southern California. 


I first fell in love with a Birman at a show in Cape Town, South Africa. Later, I got my first Birman, "Angel Baby", from Nora Anderson in Johannesburg. From then on, my love for the breed grew, and I started my cattery. 


At Kyatwo Birmans, our cats and kittens are treated as cherished family members. They are raised in our home, not in cages, and receive lots of love and attention, living a very pampered life. We take great care in selecting who we allow to adopt our kittens, as we are very attached to our fur babies. Birman kittens are born completely white, and their color starts to appear after a few days. Determining their gloving and laces can be challenging, so it may take some time to know which kittens will be show prospects and which will become someone's beloved pet.


When purchasing a kitten from us, we have a contract that both parties sign. Our kittens will be ready to visit their new homes when they reach 14-16 weeks of age. Please remember that it is essential for the kitten to finish socializing and be weaned from their mother before going to their new home. Additionally, we want to ensure the kitten receives all necessary vaccinations before leaving. As a result, we ask that you wait until the kitten is at least 12 weeks old before taking them home.


After taking the kitten home, you have 48 hours to have it checked by your vet. If any problems are found during the checkup, kindly ask your vet to contact me. Please remember that we have declined several other families interested in the same kitten; therefore, we do not offer any cash refunds. However, you are welcome to use the funds towards a future kitten.

In the unlikely event that a fatal genetic defect is identified, the purchaser may request a replacement kitten after a necropsy has been performed, at their own expense, and the records are supplied.


Please keep the kitten indoors and refrain from declawing. We do not allow FIP or FELV vaccinations, as they can harm the kitten's health and void the health guarantee.


To reserve a kitten, we require a non-refundable deposit of $450.00. This will place you on our waiting list, and we guarantee you a kitten. We only accept deposits from up to five families at any given time.


We take great care of our cats and kittens and provide them with the best nutrition. Our cats are fed a grain-free diet that includes human-grade freeze-dried chicken, raw sirloin beef, and premium, grain-free dry cat food.

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