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Grand Premier, Regional Winner, T-Che's Cepheus (aka Luca) of Kyatwo, bred by Leicy Bartlett and Robert Irvine
Meet Luca, my adorable black and white Bi-Color Persian! He is such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. You wouldn't believe it, but he's the fastest cat despite his short legs and massive coat! Luca is genuinely one of a kind, and his gentle nature will melt your heart. In my house, de

Allow me to present Luca, a feline whose exceptional qualities have earned him second place in the prestigious CFA Regional 5 awards. His unique traits and achievements make him a standout in the world of cats.

Before applying to the Judging Program in CFA, applicants must have a solid foundation in their breed knowledge. 

Actual breeding and exhibiting are the best personal experiences, and CFA suggests working with at least two of our most popular body types, the short and cobby and the oriental style. The majority of exhibits fall within these two body styles. Added experience with one or two moderate body types considering coat length would be helpful.

As part of meeting the above requirements, I have chosen to show Jonathan a Main Coon as well as a Ragdoll and a Persian. 

Applicants who wish to apply for the Judging Program in CFA must have a strong foundation in breed knowledge. It is recommended that you have experience breeding and exhibiting at least two of the most popular body types in CFA- short and cobby and oriental styles. These two body types cover the majority of exhibits in CFA shows. Additionally, experience with one or two moderate body types, considering coat length, would be helpful.

To fulfill these requirements, I have decided to showcase a Persian, T-Che's Cepheus, aka Luca, Grand Champion Jonathan, a Maine Coon, as well as Grand Premier Doll Villa Snow On Everest, a Ragdoll in several shows.

This has been an incredibly rewarding journey, filled with joy and excitement. I am thrilled to share the most captivating images and mesmerizing videos of these exceptional cats, each one more special than the last.


I am forever grateful to the breeders who have trusted me and allowed me to care for and showcase these magnificent felines. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

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