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This pet bed features a festive Christmas snowman design, perfect for the holiday season and beyond. It is suitable for dogs and cats and can be used all year round. 

The bed is made of soft and cozy fleece-like material, providing a comfortable sleeping space for your furry friend. With its white color and stylish design, this pet bed is a GREAT addition to any home and a bed your pet will LOVE! 

Whether your pet prefers to curl up or stretch out, this bed provides ample room for comfort. 

It is ideal for pets of all sizes (up to 18 pounds) and can be easily cleaned for continued use. Wash on a delicate cold water cycle, and dry on a delicate cycle.

Give your beloved pet the gift of cozy and stylish sleeping space with this Christmas snowman pet bed.

Approximately 16" wide and 15" tall (measured to the top of the snowman's head)


Cute Christmas Snowman Pet Bed

  • Wash on a gentle, delicate, cold cycle.

    Tumble dry on VERY low heat.

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